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CD03 The San Francisco Latin Jazz Society - "Now What"
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  "The San Francisco Latin Jazz Society may well be the best kept secret not only in the Latin genre but in jazz today.  
A five track "ep" that is infectious, invigorating and incredibly inventive. A true hidden gem with musicians that play with
joyous abandon. While the arguments rage of the future of jazz including the labeling of the various genres and sub genres,
The San Francisco Latin Jazz Society present perhaps the clear answer which is simply musicians inventing their own sound,
labels and genres. A cohesive and dynamic musical force to be relished. Music that is drawn from a myriad of genres and
personal heritage to form a unique fusion that elevates the traditional Latin genre to the next level."
- Brent Black, @Critical Jazz
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"Recalling memories of Gato Barbieri and Mahavishnu Orchestra, this
ensemble plays with a joyfulness that's impossible not to embrace. I've
listened to the entire album, and I highly recommend it."