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CD04 The San Francisco Latin Jazz Society - "This"
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  "This, the latest release from the San Francisco Latin Jazz Society is a multi-cultural sonic exploratory transcending
genres but with a smoldering Latin sub current churning just below the surface. Dancing, romancing and the stereotypical
extended Latin jam session are pushed well aside in favor of an inventive and well defined style which revolves around textured rhythms and grooves for a retro yet incredibly contemporary ambient feel that pushes musical boundaries.

Opening with the title track "This" there is a harmonic ambiance broken with the a subtle free lyrical flow of rhythmic guitar
and an organic pulse of percussion and horns. A free form lyrical Latin movement of sound and energy with an undulating
pulse, a musical sense of purpose. "Mambo Psycheddic Blues" kicks off with a deep bass groove and is soon followed with
Jim Gordon's more abstract horn work which adds tremendous lyrical depth and propels this tune to a new Latin
flavored dimension. "Right Here" may fit more with what some consider traditional Latin jazz which includes
punctuating rhythms and horns that are laid over a more free jazz approach including the smoldering guitar
work of Scott Brown. Avant-garde yet incredibly accessible. An incredible fusion of
post modern and Latin music into a unique Latin sub genre within the trademark San Francisco sound.

The groove on This is undeniable within this sonic melting pot. Dancing and romancing? No...Instead
the San Francisco Latin Jazz Society welcomes you to the land of rhythm and pleasure. A unique hybridization of Latin
and free jazz where there the music successfully moves past the traditional if not self imposed limitations of a
particular genre and create a unique experience where the listener is offered the opportunity
to pull from a myriad of sounds and influences to see just where this musical destination may lead them.

An incredibly organic, original and orchestrated music force that transcends genres with ease.
Visceral and cerebral jazz for the mind and the soul!
The new voice for Latin Jazz.
A triumph!

Brent Black, @Critical Jazz

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"The San Francisco Latin Jazz Society is standing all by its lonesome in a corner of the jazz room. Filling a largely ignored
niche, SFLJS channels late sixties Latin jazz à la Gato Barbieri and fuses it with the rock-jazz fusion that rose
to prominence in the seventies with bands like Mahavishnu Orchestra and the Love, Devotion, Surrender (Columbia, 1973) collaboration between guitarists Carlos Santana and John McLaughlin.

On its previous release, Now What (Ahau Records, 2011), SFLJS kept a course bordering close to the
avant-garde territory to which Barbieri led his ensemble on the seminal In Search of the Mystery (ESP, 1967).
On This, however, the SFLJS's focus is heavier on the '70s psychedelic trip-jam.
The result is a series of compositions with hazy riffs, intoxicating vamps and billowy grooves.

The title track opens the album with drips of keyboard and drops of percussion that grow into a cascade of
guitar lightning and trumpet thunder. "For Demian" follows, starting with a languid sense of peace that builds
up to anthemic shouts to the skies above. "Mambo Psychedelic Blues" tosses fire in all directions,
but it's the casual loping bass lines that drive the tune. "Right Here" bounces along with a buoyant groove,
even as guitars slash across the rhythms with razor sharp distortions and keyboards scatter
skewed notes around the melody like rose petals. "That" provides for some strong soloing over infectious
Latin rhythms. The album finale, "Amen," is a boiling cauldron of notes that cooks itself away and ends with
steamy wisps of flute.

Listening to a disparate amount of jazz, the development of the music over time becomes apparent.
It's an exhilarating sensation to hear an album that has stepped outside of the jazz timeline and recorded music
that has a heart beating in the present day yet with an old soul sound. This is deliciously nostalgic to a
time of vast musical experimentation, and the San Francisco Latin Jazz Society imbues this sound with a modern
voice to make for some very compelling music.

 Dave Sumner, AllAboutJazz.com

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