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CD05 The San Francisco Latin Jazz Society - "Sonrisa"
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"West Coast Exploratory Journeys in Music"
1.(12:59) Sonrisa (Brown,Gordon,Nunez,Rodriguez,Woodhouse)

2.(10:23) Shaft's Funky Primo (Brown,Gordon,Rodriguez,Woodhouse)
3.(9:34) Rat Bop (Brown,Gordon,Nunez,Rodriguez,Woodhouse)
4.(13:58) The Illusion (Brown,Gordon,Woodhouse)
5.(12:44) The Journey (Brown,Gordon,Rodriguez,Woodhouse)

1,3,4 recorded 9/18/11
2.5 recorded 9/23/11

01 Jim on Kalimba and Piano, Sax; Scott, Alex, Andy, Johnny
02 Jim on piano; Scott, Andy, Johnny
03 Jim on Trumpet; Scott, Alex, Andy, Johnny
04 Jim,Andy,Scott
05 Jim, Scott Andy, Johnny

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Scott Brown at SB Studios, South San Francisco, CA
c2011, 2015 Ahau Records

"Sonrisa" (watercolor) by Scott Brown

Alex Nunez - Congas (on 1 and 3)
Andy Woodhouse - Bass
Jim Gordon - Horns,Keys,Percussion
John Rodriguez - Drumset (except 4)
Scott Brown - Guitar,Percussion