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CD06 Scott Brown - "Salsa for Punks and Metalheads"
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01 (7:03) Salsa For Punks and Metalheads
02 (7:02) Calle Luna Calle Sol (willie Colon)
03 (4:06) Institutionalized (Suicidal Tendencies)
04 (5:21) Melting The Plastic
05 (4:40) The Chameleon
06 (0:50) Wasted (Black Flag)
07 (2:44) (Don't) Leave The City
08 (0:51) Equal People (DRI)
09 (4:18) I'll Be There
10 (3:41) The Burn

TOTAL: (40:41)

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered from 12/2/11 to 7/15/12 in South San Francisco, CA and 7/31/14 to 8/6/14 in Pittsburg, CA by Scott Brown.

All Songs Written by Scott Brown except:
"Calle Luna Calle Sol" - by Willie Colon (BMG Direct)
"Institutionalized" - by Suicidal Tendencies - Louis Manuel Mayorga; Mike Muir (BMG Direct)
"Equal People" - by DRI - Kurt Brecht; Pete Cassidy (BMG Direct)
"Wasted" by Black Flag - Keith Morris; Gregory Regis Ginn (Cesstone Music)

? © 2012, 2015 Ahau Records (ASCAP)

This is a special project for me, with roots in the San Francisco Punk AND the San Francisco Salsa Scenes.  In addition to original compositions "(Don't) Leave The City", "The Chameleon", "I'll Be There", "The Burn", and the title track for this project, there is a reworked 'cover' of my own Salsa Composition "Quemando Plastico" from the Orquesta Salsa Dura CD, "En Cada Barrio Revolucion" (Ahau Records CD02) called "Melting The Plastic". I also do covers of punk tunes "Equal People" by DRI and "Wasted" by Black Flag as well as a cover of Willie Colon's famous Salsa tune, "Calle Luna Calle Sol" - all given the full treatment so that it's Salsa for Punks and Metalheads!

Can you dance to it?  Can you mosh to it? Can you bang your head to it? I'll let you decide, but it WILL be a new experience!