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West Coast Salsa from the San Francisco Bay Area
Orquesta Salsa Dura is a Salsa band like no other! A San Francisco Bay Area based
band, we strive to keep the tradition of hard pounding montunos and Barrio-conscious
urban lyrics from the Fania days in New York, with our own original songs that can be
just as experimental and open to new ideas while respecting the old school traditions.  
Featuring Cuatro instead of piano and with an inclination to jazz-like improvisations
during the Mambo sections, Salsa Dura can provide a night club a whole evening of
dancing as well as providing a listening audience improvised solos and lyrics to think

Founding members include
Orlando Morales on Timbale, Scott Brown on Cuatro,
David Barrios on Trombone and Mike Parykaza on Trumpet, soon to be joined by
Pedro Rosales on Vocals, Andy Woodhouse on Bass.

Notable performances have included: Creekside Fridays (Mill Valley), The Vanessa
Carias Show, the Latin American Music Festival (Jack London Square, Oakland), Yoshi’
s (San Francisco), The Summer Arts Festival (Garberville).
Orquesta Salsa Dura enjoyed a run from 2007-2012.
The group was disbanded in 2012 when founding member Scott Brown relocated to Pittsburg, CA.
This is our promo pic, from a pic shot at one of our gigs at Yoshi's in San Francisco, at our CD Release Party.
Our CD gained us a lot of attention, even internationally.  Yamil Ararat, a DJ from Cali, Colombia, along with other DJ's pictured promoted our CD at an event in Cali, Colombia.