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I've always been interested in Latin Jazz, especially the Cachao type, and so in 2009 I formed a Quintet, originally with Sax/Flute, Cuatro, Congas, Bass, and Timbales, using Orquesta Salsa Dura members Cris Lopes and Orlando Morales on Bass and Timbales, respectively.    Eventually using Orquesta Salsa Dura members Andy Woodhouse on Bass and David Barrios on Trombone, instead of the sax/flute, and
Arnold Morales, founding member of Surco Nuevo on Conga. 
This combo played a series of gigs in 2011 in Berkeley that took the idea of the Descarga to a high level. 
Look for an upcoming release on Ahau Records from these performances coming soon!
David Barrios (Trombone)
David's been a mainstay at the Berkeley
shows on 'bone, with his exceptional flair
and technique.
Orlando Morales (Timbale)
Orlando's incredibly unique and fantastic
timbale stylings have been a part of
Orquesta Salsa Dura's sound since it's
inception.  As a featured member at the
Berkeley shows, his improvisational skills
can be witnessed in a small combo setting
as well.  Also a member of the '90's Salsa
band, 'Surco Nuevo', his collaborations
with Scott have been well documented in
both the two CD releases "Surco Nuevo
2001" and "En Cada Barrio Revolucion".
Arnold Morales (Conga) -
Founding member of 'Surco
Nuevo', Arnold's style is
unique and adds a special
flavor to the combo
Andy Woodhouse (Bass)
The talented bass player has been with every group listed with Ahau Records, bringing his skills and musical knowledge with him.
Scott Brown (Cuatro and 12-String
Electric Guitar)
Playing Cuatro and 12-String Electric Guitar with this group, Scott brings original compositions such as "Daniel's Tune", and "Descarga Seis" to the group, as well as tunes he's composed from other groups that the LJD can do their own interpretations of.