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 Surco Nuevo was a Salsa Band formed in 1994 in San Francisco by childhood friends Scott Brown and Demian Contreras.
The addition of brothers Arnold and Orlando Morales solidified the core of the band, and the band enjoyed a run from
1993-2006, releasing one CD in that time of all original material.
What made Surco Nuevo different from all the other Salsa bands in the San Francisco Bay Area Salsa Scene in the '90's?
Surco Nuevo refused to join in on the flash-in-the-pan trends in music, staying away from the styles of Salsa Romantica, 
techno-merengue, and reggaeton, to keep the music at the level of Salsa Dura, playing the old school New York
Salsa sounds.  Also, without a piano, Surco Nuevo relied on founding members Scott Brown and Demian Contreras
on Cuatro and 12-String Guitar respectively.
The band was disbanded in 2006, as band members left to pursue their own musical endeavors.
In 2011, Ahau Records released a re-mastering of the original CD, the 10th Anniversary Edition.
This edition, in addition to all 6 songs re-mastered, also included 2 previously unfinished and unreleased
compositions by Demian Contreras, "Ven Aqui" and "Oye Las Cuerdas".
What better way to tell the history of Surco Nuevo than through pictures?


This is Surco Nuevo around 1998, performing at El Valenciano in San Francisco's Mission District.  With the Mach 2 line up, featuring Manny Martinez on Vocals, Andy Woodhouse on Bass, and Enrique Padilla, replacing Arnold on Congas.  We played at El Valenciano at least once a month for a few years and were tighter than ever from all the gigs.  We were also in the studio, working on the first CD, soon to be released in 2001. 
Below is a pic from around the same time period with the addition of David Blacker on the left side of the photo, who played Trombone on the CD, and Gustavo Blanco on the opposite side, who played bongo with the band.

Shortly after this, Manny left the band,
with the father and son team of
Cris and Israel Matos coming in on
Vocals for the Mach 3 line up.  This is
the band playing an outdoor festival in
San Franisco's North Beach
Finally, below is a pic from our first gig
in 1993, showing the Mach 1 line up, with core members along with Jose DeLeon on bass, and Johnny on Vocals.