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"West Coast Exploratory Journeys in Music"

             Johnny Rodriguez (Drumset) - Scott Brown (Guitars) - Andy Woodhouse (Bass) - Alex Nunez (Conga)


Who knows the exact origins of the San Francisco Latin Jazz Society or if that's even the correct name?  It isn't known when exactly the
Group began performing under aliases and other names such as "The New Latin Jazz Society", "Descarga Libre", the "Psychedelic
Mambo Cult", "Los Pinguinos", "Latin Jazz Descarga", "Descarga Bahia", "The Cuatro Quintet"
 and other lesser publicized
pseudonyms.  Undocumented meetings and impromptu jam sessions or 'descargas' at after-hour locations throughout the San Francisco
Bay Area
started the earliest traditions.  Guided by an aim to keep Latin Jazz, "free of the dogmatic practices exercised by more pedestrian
(anonymous LJS member), the jam sessions became open to the public after demand to attend the 'secret sessions' mounted.  
A rare public shot at an unnamed venue (documents read 'C.Hall') shows members in an unprecedented photo, before the LJS went public.  
These four members were originally expelled from the Society for the unauthorized photo, but after public demand the LJS decided to keep
the group as a representation of its ideals in performance.  Some say a "Society" by definition doesn't truly exist, but the secretive nature of
the Group tends to embrace this thought, as it clouds the true origins of the initiated.

Keep the Latin Jazz tradition of new exploration alive in the Bay Area and support your San Francisco Latin Jazz Society (or whatever they're
called)!  Membership is more open than ever, potential LJS applicants can gain membership by attended one of the various performances in
their area coming soon!
Andy Woodhouse (Bass, Keyboards, Mayhem) - In a rare
photo, Andy was caught attempting to 'mod' this poor innocent
Fender Rhodes.  Denying all allegations, he insisted he was
merely "playing Miles, man!" and was subsequently absolved of
any wrongdoing.  Andy was rumored to have been a founder
member of a famous punk rock band in the '80's but further
research has proven the rumor false, with evidence of his
extensive Jazz and Latin Jazz performances, especially
concentrating in the North Beach area of San Francisco where
he is known as an incredible Bass player.  There's rumored to be
extensive Audio files housed at the San Francisco Latin Jazz
Society Archives that may surface soon for public consumption.
Scott Brown (Guitars, Percussion and Keys) - Pictured with
a rare multi-stringed electric instrument, Scott has been known
to also perform with the more well known Cuatro as he uses
with Orquesta Salsa Dura
Alex Nunez (Congas, Percussion)
Found playing rumba at Dolores Park
before the takeover, Alex is an active
participant in many subversive drum
circles.  His hand print can be found on
many drums, although ironically
owning none himself.  Everyone can
agree that Alex's percussion prowess
is second to none, just ask him
 John S. Rodriguez (Drumset, Percussion)
A multi faceted person, John has many interests and
skills. John has played in local bands with various
styles, from rock to jazz, funk, and latin to smooth pop
jazz and R&B. John started bands such as "Nightdrive"
as well as being the first drummer for "Ojada".
He sometimes can be found wandering into the local
coffee houses in the Mission district. Is also known as
the "Ol hipster" to those who know him well. He's been
looking for his "Lost Cuban Conga" as the story goes
last seen at Dolores Park in the 70's if you remember
the riot that took place.
 Careful perusing of not easily obtained archives reveal the
following group members, although it's unknown
how many members the group actually has.